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United Kingdom

Dr. Tracy King

Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Tantra Practitioner, Jungian Life Coach, Shamanic Life Coach, Ayurvedic Specialist, Energy Healer, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Emergence Coach ® and Writer.

About Me.

I have 24 years of experience working therapeutically, first as a Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and then as a Clinical Psychologist.  I have expanded my skills, as time has gone on, to encompass not only the mental and emotional energy bodies but also the physical and spiritual (soul based work). 


I am an Energy Healer and Intuitive, working with Angelic Reiki and Shamanic Practices, A Yoga Teacher (Specialising in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Tantra, Pre & Post Natal and Children’s Yoga, Meditation,  Yoga Trapeze, Breathwork), and a Jungian Life Coach.  Jungian coaching is a depth model diving into the caverns of shadow and dream work to allow the unconscious and conscious mind to work in alignment for the overall benefit of the individual or couple I am working with. 


I have worked extensively with females who have been in abusive relationships including with partners who have a diagnosis of narcissism/psychopathy and/or parents with the same.  My work involves empowering women to rebuild their sense of self to allow the formation of conscious connections internally and externally.  I also work with couples to allow each to become awakened in their connection with self and awakened in their attachment bonds to each other.   I run workshops and retreats to help others build conscious connections in the world.


In all of my treatment plans we will be looking to rebalance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies of the individual and/or couple.   Within this we are looking to balance the divine masculine and divine feminine in each person through processing of early mother and father wounds, healing of past-life and ancestral patterns and in so doing, aligning each person with their higher self for soul level guidance.  The wisdom is within you, and I guide you to accessing what you already know.  


This realigns you with your divine purpose, teaches you how to meet your own needs, engaging in self-care, self-love and self-compassion.  You can then express your needs in a conscious way to enable your voice to be heard.   Once you connect consciously to self you will energetically attract the relationships and life experiences that match who you truly are rather than those that match who you have been taught you ‘should’ be. 


I work relationally to form a trusting collaboration and help you to feel calm and safe enough to integrate the experiences we create.  We work within a framework of both change and acceptance of the current situation you are in.  Often, acceptance in itself is the change.  The process is your journey but I act like a satellite navigation device guiding you to routes I can see.  We may divert the originally planned routes if blocks are found until such time as the path is clear.  The destination may change but the consistent fact is that you are no longer a lone traveller.


I regularly writes for Elephant Journal, The Natural Parent and Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine. I am awaiting publication of a children’s fictional story focused on a visiting fairy teaching a child Yoga asana to ground her anxiety by calming the nervous system.  I have numerous academic book chapters and research papers published. 


I am based in Ashford and Sevenoaks Kent for clinic-based appointments and I do walk and talk sessions in these areas.  I also work online.  I conduct home-based sessions by arrangement.


We could be aligned to work together if you experience the following:

  • Considering whether to stay or leave a relationship

  • Repetitive patterns in relationships

  • Shame around your body

  • Discomfort being intimate with yourself or another

  • Loss of the light or spark in your life -needing meaning and purpose

  • Loss of the spark in a relationship

  • Loss of connection to creativity

  • Emotional dysregulation – high anxiety, low mood, heightened anger or excitement

  • Inability to make decisions

  • Struggling to relax and switch off

  • Conflict in relationships as a partner or parent

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • Infidelity in a relationship

  • Issues of communication

  • Issues of sexuality

  • Gender Dysphoria

  • Unprocessed child or adult trauma including childbirth and loss

  • Female Trafficking experiences

  • Ritualistic Abuse and Cult based experiences

  • Issues arising from Sex Work

  • Dissociated (cut off) from self, including presentations of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Contact details.


Email: to book in a contemplation call. 


Even if you feel unclear how we might work together, please reach out and we can think about this together.




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