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Lorraine Crookes

Kent, United Kingdom


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I am Lorraine, renowned as the Sexual Empowerment Liberator. I've had the privilege of catalysing profound shifts in the lives of countless individuals who have sought reconnection with their sexual vitality. My skill set encompasses mindfulness, energy techniques, tantric massage, and somatic bodywork. Notably, I am duly certified as an AMOT Worldwide Accreditation Tantra Practitioner & Tantra Teacher.


My approach warmly welcomes individuals of diverse ages, genders, and sexual orientations who seek guidance in navigating challenges concerning self-acceptance and relationships. My clientele encompasses those contending with a spectrum of concerns, from mental well-being to physical trauma, abuse, erectile dysfunction, menopause, transgender experiences, medical conditions, and the intricacies of sexuality.


In my realm of influence, I orchestrate workshops, engaging events, and personalized one-on-one sessions cantered around Sacred Connection and Tantric Massage. These engagements are thoughtfully tailored to meet you at your present stage of exploration, with the goal of expanding your sexual energy and fostering empowerment across all facets of life.


Furthermore, I embrace the role of a public speaker, disseminating knowledge, nurturing empowerment, and authentically embodying the essence of sexual energy. With a blend of humour and insightful perspective, I share my personal journey, advocating for greater understanding of often-taboo topics such as sex, intimacy, and pleasure. My unwavering commitment lies in dismantling the barriers of fear, shame, and guilt that frequently surround these subjects, while simultaneously promoting positive mental well-being in an area that profoundly impacts us all.


My Story

Lorraine led a double life for more than two decades, holding a prominent position as a middle leader in a secondary school, whilst behind closed doors, she delved into the captivating realms of swinging, kink, and BDSM, wrestling with overwhelming emotions of shame, guilt, and depression.


In a daring move in 2016, Lorraine bravely bid farewell to her teaching career and embarked on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. During her transformative quest, Lorraine immersed herself in comprehensive training across various disciplines, from mindfulness and meditation to tantric massage, energy healing, and somatic bodywork.


Now, best known as the Sexual Empowerment Liberator, she passionately devotes her life to empowering individuals to embrace their sexual energy with unwavering confidence, free from fear, shame, or self-judgment. Her expertise extends to addressing relationship challenges, mental health concerns, body trauma, abuse, medical conditions, and exploring the intricate dimensions of human sexuality.


Lorraine is determined to empower the business world by educating on how sexual energy can unlock passion, purpose, productivity, and profitability both in bedroom, and boardroom. Her captivating presentations and workshops, guide you  to a delightful fusion of personal and professional growth, creating a blueprint for success.

Lorraine Crookes is an international speaker, best-selling author, healing practitioner, educator, and CEO of Orgasmic Life.


Worldwide Accreditation with the Academy of Modern Tantra, Tantra Practitioner & Tantra Teacher





Tantra Teacher (Worldwide Accreditation)

BA Degree in Lifelong Learning

Qualified Teacher Status



Somatic Body Work

Tantric Massage Practitioner

Energy Alignment Mentor

Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Life Coach

Rahanni Practitioner


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