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David Chambers

☣️Worldwide Accreditation with the Academy Of Modern Tantra, Tantra Practitioner & Intimacy Coach 

☣️David Also is the founder of 'The Authentic Man', David Chambers is on a mission to empower men to create the exciting and deeply connected dating lives, sex lives, and relationships they long for by developing their true authentic selves. 


☣️As a Dating & Intimacy coach, coaching men for over a decade, David guides men to create authentic attraction, build deep emotional connections, embody healthy masculinity, and experience connected sexual intimacy. By helping them build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and self-leadership. 

☣️David is known for leaving men confident, free of overthinking, assertive, emotionally connected, and sexually confident.

In David’s coaching he uses a combination of intense self-mastery, tantric sex, confidence building, mindful practices, and masculinity practices to transform men into the authentic masculine men there have always wanted to be, giving them a non-judgmental, open, and honest space to be free, open up and be truly vulnerable.

Couples Tantra

David & Asa Baav run Couples Tantra & Intimacy Coaching private sessions and workshops.

🔸Working with international brands such as Killing Kittens, Manual, and Vibio.



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