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Asa Baav

🏆Worldwide Accreditation with the Academy Of Modern Tantra, Tantra Practitioner & Intimacy Coach 

❤️‍🔥Asa is the founder of the world renowned dating agency TAYLOR MATCHED   matching people on their sexual compatibility


🔥Want do be liberated in love and in the bedroom?

Working with  Asa will get you the clarity around what YOU really want and remove whatever is holding you back in your love life.

We help you replace limiting beliefs with new empowering self generated beliefs and actionable steps of how you can reach the end goal you desire.

🍓Tantra &  Couples Tantra with Asa Baav

Asa & David Chambers run Tantra 101 Masterclasses and workshops for couples, on how to become more connected and the sacred art of tantric sex

Asa has featured on many main stream publications including Good Morning Television. 


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