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Sex, Relationship and Intimacy coach

As a Sex, Relationship and Intimacy coach I am passionate about supporting people to experience conscious relationships. 

Myself and my fiancé run Couples Tantra and Intimacy Coaching private sessions and workshops. 

I am based In Mexico or Manchester UK and can travel worldwide. 





About me;


Whether that is a conscious relationship with yourself or others, we are always in relation to someone or something.

To be able to enjoy these relationships consciously is one of the many aspects as to how we live in harmony. 

During our connection I will guide you on how reconnect to your inner self, your body and align you with your divine purpose. 

Here are the list of some of my offerings:

- Sacred sexual practices.
- Self pleasure rituals to cultivate your creative and sexual energy
- Healing trauma
- Connecting to your inner aspects
- Alignment to your soul purpose
- Tantric practices through healing massage, breath and movement
- Playful practices
- Conscious BDSM
- Couples Tantra Sessions

" I can't wait to hear from you. "

Thank you

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