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🌻Worldwide Accreditation with the Academy Of Modern Tantra, Tantra Practitioner.

☮ Qualified masseuse

☮ Bioenergetic somatic therapist

☮ Tantra practitioner

☮ Trained in Shamanic energy healing

☮ Spiritual healing



About me:

I am dedicated to helping your body, mind, and soul with my hands and pure heart.

I am a qualified and accredited tantra practitioner, bioenergetic somatic therapist, masseuse, and shamanic energy healer.

Starting in 2017 with spiritual healing, and personal training and in 2019 with massages, it was a time of my personal transformation journey. During my practice, massage training people said to me that my hands are different and magical. All this motivated me to discover my potential as a healer.

I was interested in spiritual healing and the power of touch for years. I studied theory and practice. I completed courses with AOMT and joined this amazing community managed by a wonderful and experienced teacher Jennifer. I also experienced the power of creative sexual energy as a gateway to a better version of ME.

Nothing happens in life without a reason...

I am a very active person and curious about the world. I have a lot of energy. I live life with passion.

In my massage sessions, I combine different techniques of touch and other therapies, visualization, guided meditation, and channelling divine healing energy.


You can follow Martyna on:


🌸Facebook: LadyM - Paths of sensual touch

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