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Bali, Indonesia

Mark Reid

☣️Mark Reid, 39, from Scotland has studied, taught and helped clients all over the world in multiple capacities within the Health & Education sector.


💫Worldwide certified Tantra Practitioner (AOMT)

💫School Teacher

💫 Sports Coach

💫 Business Mentor

💫Personal Trainer

💫 Master Life Coach

💫Somatic Healer

💫 Breath-work and Meditation Practitioner

💫Energy Healer.

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👉Mark specialises in helping others heal generational trauma through his Purpose Driven Trauma Method so your partner and kids break the cycle and avoid the same suffering.

☣️As Dr.Joe Dispenza told him in 2016 as they sipped tequila in Puerto Vallerta "Beautiful Souls Like Yours are Worth Saving"....


💥His mission is to pass this on and help you heal your painful past and build your dream future, NOW; doing what you love with those you love most, in the best health possible for as long as possible.


➡️You can book in with mark and follow his social media accounts here

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