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Carol Tommaso Retreats Brazil

Retreats Bahai Brazil & online courses

Carol Tommaso

🍓 HiI'm Carol Tommáso, I am an AOMT Therapist & Retreat facilitator based in Bahia Brazil.

 ✨I am the creator of the Magnetic Women Method - Initiation to Yoni eggs| So that women can access practically their intimate potency and orgasmic capacity ! 

✨My other gifts include Moon Mother, Tantra Sex Coach, Yoni Egg Mother, Crystal egg Shaman, flower Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Astrologer and Aura-Soma Therapist. 

🔥I offer online and in person classes.


☮️ Retreats, I run luxury holistic sacred healing retreats in Bahia Brazil.

📣My next retreat is 20th - 27th September 2023 in Bahia.

🔯 Fully Accredited & Highly recommended Tantra Practitioner, Healing Coach & Retreat Facilitator with the AOMT 

A personal note from Carol

I worked 15 years in the corporate world away from my purpose I then took a gap year and found that my Dharma is to helping people to understand how to awaken their soul's real purpose.

I have been going to Chapada dos Veadeiros for 18 years. This territory is powerful, a portal of light and consciousness. Here I learned a lot and lived many holistic experiences. Tantra chose me in a genuine and natural way. Many say that Tantra is a quick path to liberation and in fact it is, as it awakens the experience of unity more quickly than other spiritual practices, by the simple fact of experiencing in the body the sacredness of the strongest energy of which we all we are originated. 

Please contact Carol on​​

 📞 WhatsApp +55119956597007



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