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Ben North

👉The fact is women have a tough break.

Being in a female body means that the chances are that most will be at the wrong end of harassment, abuse, and general derogatory behaviour.

Close to 1/3 have been sexually abused.

More than 1/2 have been sexually harassed.


AND, if they manage to go through their teenage and earlier adult life unscathed, then it's estimated that around 1/2 of women describe birthing their children as traumatic.

Undoubtedly, this leaves physical and emotional scars that impact emotions and relationships, physical health, mental health, and sexual health.

🔥First, we must do better as a society to reduce it from happening in the first place.

Second, we must do better in supporting women to move through and heal from past events to empower and enable full and healthy living again.


☮️ The development of Yoni Reclamation Therapy is to integrate a collection of powerful modalities needed for profound transformation. Most importantly, with a foundation of trauma-informed practice.


🌞I am so happy to be part of this movement with these strong women who have vision, purpose and drive to stand up for what is right and what will be pioneering in this field.

🙌 Ben Offers healing sessions for women, holding a safe space and journeying with them to liberation.


Ben is Currently travelling around Mexico and offers zoom sessions if you cannot travel out to see him.


🔯 Fully Accredited & Highly recommended Tantra Practitioner & Healing Coach with the AOMT 

Please contact ben on​

 📞 WhatsApp +447958758644



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