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East London

Aysha Bell

Worldwide Accreditation with the Academy Of Modern Tantra.

☣️Healing Tantra Coach

☣️Reiki Healing & Gong Bathes

☣️Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini

☣️Yoga, Sound, Meditation, reiki in your home for transformational sessions.

☣️121 Coaching or Classes

☣️Wellness Boutique



My Story

Let me tell you a little of my story.  But it’s not always been this way. So tell you a little of my story so you can understand how I arrived here. It’s been an interesting life, to put it mildly, and I’m no stranger to trauma, challenges and setbacks.


It sounds like a cliché but I really do come from a long line of healers and psychics.  My great great grandmother was a medicine woman in Trinidad who used herbs and spells, prayers and postures to heal and comfort.  She was a medium and a psychic and she passed on those skills through my grandmother to my mother and then to me.


My granny was part of the Windrush generation, invited to the UK to help out this country after the war.  I’m fiercely proud of my Caribbean heritage, and its ancient healing traditions are woven throughout my soul and my work.  I dance with my ancestors yet have trained in other traditions and learned further ancient wisdoms.  You could say I’m a modern Black medicine woman with some heavy-duty power tools!



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