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I am a tantric therapist and have been working with clients since 2017.  My work is beneficial mostly to men and women who seek help with reconnecting to their body, sexuality, heart and their inner wisdom. If this is you, and you wish to start your journey or make a progress on the path, I hope to assist you with all my love, undivided presence, patience and skills. Using my tools to speak to the body and mind for them to really let go of the stagnant energies, chronic pain or numbness, negative emotions or beliefs stopping us living more fulfilled lives.


My skills with deep tissue tantric-tao bodywork which includes genital de-armouring (prostate and lingam massage, yoni massage), soft energy work, and teaching how to connect on a deeper level, can help with intimacy and sexual issues. It's this deep connection that will help you to connect also to your heart, soul and sexuality, and it's a process. As the body, and the prostate and G-spot in particular, register and store, on a cellular level, the negative imprint of all unprocessed stresses of life, it does make sense to connect with those parts in a conscious way.  A deep bodywork together with your  breath can help to evoke, shift and release that deeply rooted physical, emotional or even spiritual tension in the body. 


This work can also help men with addiction problems, sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, learning to control and harvest their sexual energy and achieving a non ejaculatory body orgasms. And it can help women to accept their sexuality through the yoni de-armouring and releasing sexual shame and guilt.

    My training


    Training which helped me to develop my unique way of working:


    • AOMT Advanced Practitioner level

    • Certified Tantric Journey Educator 

    • Emotional Detox massage

    • Raynor Massage 

    • Experiential workshops: breathwork, sexual body de-armouring, sound healing, shadow tantra

    • Reiki Usui Practitioner Level



    Treatments offered


    • Prostate & Lingam Massage: tantric-tao deep bodywork session (6 hours with connection rituals)

    • Yoni massage: tantric-tao deep bodywork session (6 hours with connection rituals)

    • Emotional Detox bodywork without genital touch (from 1.5 hours)

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    About me


    I decided to become an atheist at the age of 16 but I realised I still had this spiritual hole in me that I needed to fill in. I developed an interest in a non-dualistic spiritual philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism and New Age spirituality. I also believed in 'Science'.  Some of the practices and my broadened understanding of Reality helped me to evolve emotionally and spiritually. However, for some time now, I have been hearing a calling voice back to One God and Christianity, and my growing faith and prayers for inner safety and peace are being answered. 


    There is nothing outstanding about my life story: brought up by hard working parents who loved me almost unconditionally and sacrificed so much. I did not really see and feel this truth at that time, always trying to rebel against the 'authority'. Now, the trust in the authority of God, the ultimate Father, is ending my craving for Unconditional Love from other people. I am still learning to surrender. Although I never created my own family, I believe that we must rebuild our nuclear families, and make our men strong again - to save humanity and its traditional values. And I think we, women - must find ways to support the men so they feel trusted in their leadership again. These are radical ways, as our society requires radical changes to restore its solid foundations.


    I gave up my quite enjoyable career in accountancy in 2021 so now I can fully focus on what I love the most: working and connecting with other people to help them see their beauty and strength beyond the masks of unconscious conditioning.

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