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Gary Montemayor

Gary Montemayor

"Hi, my name is Gary, I am an AOMT certified Tantra Practitioner 

based in London / Cayman Island / Nicaragua. 

Gary Montemayor is an Energy Medicine enthusiast who is not only zealous about how it’s finding its way into western medicine but also about its cutting-edge. A highly personable and motivated healthcare professional, he is passionate about his personal growth and increasing his medical knowledge to benefit his clients.

My Story

Gary focuses on building the Center for Quantum Medicine, an energy healing center based on the Healing Touch Program and Tantric Somatic Embodiment. Through the center, people can have equal access to healthcare services, improve the quality of their life, and have beaming confident smiles.

In addition to his busy medical career life, Gary is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a Fellow of International of The Explorers Club of New York. He has been serving as   Consular Agent for the U.S. Embassy to the Cayman Islands and is due to retire next month. Gary is the secretary of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC Cayman) and a recent board-approved member of the Chatham House, a geopolitical think tank in London. He is also a member of the Landsdowne Club in London. Given his educational background, skills, and professional expertise, Gary is well-versed in offering services to prevent diseases and promote optimal health for every person.

Gary studied medicine at the UANL, Faculdad de Medicina, Monterey, Mexico. His interest in energy medicine and belief in continuous self-improvement has recently led him to apply for a Ph.D. in Integrated Medicine at Quantum University in Hawaii. He has committed to the study of Quantum Medicine, holds a certificate in Energy Medicine from Sonoma State University, is a Level 3 Healing Touch Practitioner, and is a certified Somatic Healing Practitioner. He holds certificates in Kundalini Massage and Advanced level 4 Tantric Massage and a certificate in Tantric Yoga. 



+1 786 580 6962

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